Yu. V. Shapoval, D. V. Kryvoruchko. Stand for investigation of the process of turning at high speed spindle | Journal of Engineering Sciences

Yu. V. Shapoval, D. V. Kryvoruchko. Stand for investigation of the process of turning at high speed spindle

  • This article deals with the current trends of research in design of machine with high-speed spindles. The main areas of the work are static, dynamic, thermal and vibration characteristics of the spindles. A lot of researches aimed at understanding the behavior of accurate, high-speed equipment testify that it is im-possible to increase productivity of machining by increasing the tool or workpiece rotation speed. There are some phenomena that aren’t present at low speeds and require special attention at high spindle speed. Since the machining involves as spindle and the machine as well as all other elements machine tools more extensive research have to be performed throughout the machining system. For a more detailed study of turning operation at high speed of spindle the authors developed and manufactured the special designed machine tools. Accuracy, stiffness, eigenfrequencies and eigenform of the machine tool were measured and represented in this article. The machine tool makes possible direct measurement of all the parameters of interest using the established measuring systems.

  • turning, vibration, spindle, speed, stand.
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