Notes of the Young Scientist. Volume 2, Issue 1 (2016) | Journal of Engineering Sciences

Notes of the Young Scientist. Volume 2, Issue 1 (2016)


I. I. Verba, A. S. Jahno  
Electric motors for the main motion drive  
S. P. Denysyuk, D. G. Derevianko, K. Y. Shcherban  
Main features of analysis of disturbances impact from diverse types of DG sources on the load  
D. V. Kryvoruchko, S. S. Yemelyanenko, S. P. Kholiavka  
A study of stress-strain state in a multi-layer head movable joints of hip endoprosthesis  
A. S. Mandryka, A. S. Ihnatyev  
Engineering and research of knee feed for axial-flow pump  
S. P. Shevets  
 The kinetics of granulation of organic chicken manure slurry  
V. N. Shulga  
Processing intermittent surface bleached low iron tool with superhard materials  

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