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An Experimental Study of Heat and Mass Transfer in a Falling Liquid Film Evaporation into a Crossflow of Neutral Gas

Author(s): Lukashov V. K.1, Kostiuchenko Y. V.1, Timofeev S. V.1, Ochowiak M.2

Affiliation(s):  1 Shostka Institute of Sumy State University, 1, Haharina St., 41100 Shostka, Ukraine;
2 Poznan University of Technology, 5, M. Sklodowskiej-Kurie Sq., 60-965 Poznan, Poland.

*Corresponding Author’s Address: [email protected]

Issue: Volume 7, Issue 1 (2020)

Paper received: February 17, 2020
The final version of the paper received: May 28, 2020
Paper accepted online: June 11, 2020

Lukashov, V. K., Kostiuchenko, Y. V., Timofeev, S. V., Ochowiak, M. (2020). Аn experimental study of heat and mass transfer in a falling liquid film evaporation into a crossflow of neutral gas. Journal of Engineering Sciences, Vol. 7(1), pp. F30–F38, doi: 10.21272/jes.2020.7(1).f3

DOI: 10.21272/jes.2020.7(1).f3

Research Area:  CHEMICAL ENGINEERING: Processes in Machines and Devices

Abstract. The work is devoted to the study of heat and mass transfer in a liquid film flowing down on a heated surface under conditions of evaporation into a crossflow of a gas neutral with respect to the liquid. The work aimed to experimentally determine the average heat transfer coefficients from a heated surface to the film, heat transfer and mass transfer from the film to the gas flow and to establish their dependence on the input parameters of the heat and mass transfer process. To achieve this goal, an experimental setup was created, and a research technique was developed based on the proposed mathematical model of the heat and mass transfer process. The results of the study showed that the dependences of the average heat and mass transfer coefficients on the initial liquid flow rate are extreme with the minimum values of these coefficients at the liquid flow rate, which corresponds to the critical value of the Reynolds criterion Re l cr ≈ 500, which indicates a transition from the laminar falling films to turbulent mode under the considered conditions. The dependences of the heat and mass transfer coefficients on other process parameters for both modes of film falling are established. A generalization of the experimental data made it possible to obtain empirical equations for calculating these coefficients.

Keywords: heat and mass transfer, cross flow, film apparatus, heat and mass return coefficient, neutral gas.


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