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How to submit an article

The editorial stuff of the “Journal of Engineering Sciences” appreciates its authors and their time. That’s why the simplicity of filing process was maximized and the number of satellite documents was minimized. To publish Your article, you have to do the following: Prepare a manuscript that would meet general requirements to scientific articles, themes of the journal and requirements set by the editorial board. All the requirements are compulsory. The requirements can be downloaded from the site of the journal here. Use the mechanism of electronic presentation and download digital version of the manuscript through corresponding web – interface. To do this, one has to register (or authorize) himself on the site of the journal. Together with the manuscript file a filled in and signed copy of copyright transfer agreement to the editorial board through web – interface. Any other documents as well as printed copies of the manuscript are not required by the editorial stuff. Pass the closed reviewing procedure with positive conclusions of the reviewers and the technical expert. Receive the correction of the editorial stuff, check it and inform the editorial stuff of his corrections.

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