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History of the journal

History of the “Journal of Engineering Sciences” begins with the foundation of the scientific journal “Herald of Sumy State University” in 1994. Bach than the journal was issued twice a year and included five sections:

  • Natural sciences: mathematics, physics, chemistry, mechanics;
  • Machine – building, new technologies;
  • Automatics, electronics, instrument – making;
  • Biology, medicine;
  • Economics, social and humanitarian sciences.

The editor – in-chief was professor Ihor O. Kovaliov, who was at that time the Rector of Sumy State University. He was assisted by professor Volodymyr A. Khvorost, Vice-Rector for Research Work.

With the development of the university, its main scientific journal evolved steadily, its popularity among educational and scientific establishments throughout Ukraine rose. Publications of articles by authors from Kiev, Kharkov, Zaporogie, Cherkassy, Ternopol, Donetsk became regural. That’s why the Journal’s volume increased considerably, and starting from 2001 “Herald of Sumy State University” was issued monthly. Back than the Journal comprised 6 series:

  • Physics, Mathematics, Mechanics;
  • Technical sciences (machine – building);
  • Technical Sciences (Automatics, Electronics, Instrument- Making);
  •  Medicine;
  • Economics;
  • Philology.

and every edition was dedicated to one particular series only. In 2007 each of the series was granted a status of a separate edition with a corresponding title:

  • “Herald of Sumy State University. Series Physics, Mathematics, Mechanics”;
  • “Herald of Sumy State University. Series Technical Sciences”;
  • “Herald of Sumy State University. Series Medicine”;
  • “Herald of Sumy State University. Series Economics”;
  • “Herald of Sumy State University. Series Philological Sciences”.

Professor Volodymyr A. Martsynkovskyy, Head of the Department of general mechanics and machine dynamics, Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor, honored worker of science and technology of Ukraine became editor – in – chief of the Journal “Herald of Sumy State University. Series Technical Sciences”.

Further development of the technical series of the Journal and simultaneous formation of scientific schools in engineering professions, which evolved in the university in this sphere, provided a base to create a specialized  edition of a narrower scope which would meet international standards. This made the editorial board of the journal “Herald of Sumy State University. Series Technical Sciences” carry a serious analysis and make a decision to restructure the journal and broaden its themes.

The renewed edition was titled “Journal of Engineering Sciences”, Dmytro V. Kryvoruchko, D.Sc., Associate Professor of the Department of Manufacturing Engineering, Machines and Tools became the Editor-in-chief, and Volodymyr A. Martsynkovskyy became the Advisory Editor.

The re-structuring was not formal. The Editorial Board was considerably refreshed, both prominent scientists (from abroad as well) and young specialists were invited. To enlarge the readership, there appeared a translated version of the Journal: articles in Russian and Ukrainian are now translated into English. Much attention was paid to the technical side of publishing. According to modern standards the web – site of the Journal was created, the pattern of the article was made up, the aesthetical level of the Journal’s printed version was increased. Taking care of its authors the editorial board made the procedure of filing the articles as easy as possible and absolutely free of charge.

The editorial board of the “Journal of Engineering Sciences” invites scientific workers to collaborate efficiently and hopes that the renewed journal finds its authors and grateful readers as its predecessor.

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