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About the site of the journal

Web – site of the “Journal of Engineering Sciences” is a multifunctional portal , which provides an opportunity of communication and file – sharing between the editorial stuff, authors, reviewers, and readers. In particular, it provides:

  • access to full – text eletronic versions of the articles (both original and English translations) through the web – interface;
  • access to information and corresponding technical means necessary while preparing the manuscript;
  •  filing of the manuscripts to the editorial stuff for further publication;
  • Presentation of the manuscripts to the reviewers and receiving of their conclusions through web – interface;
  • The opportunity of limited communication between authors and reviewers, whereby the latter remain anonymous;
  • The opportunity of a professional dialogue concerning scientific and organizational problems between interested scientists (and others);
  • Access to electronic “Recommendations and Concerns”.

All the listed options are free of charge. To gain access to them one has to go through the registration procedure on the site of the journal. Registration procedure is also free of charge.

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