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Modelling, Simulation and Control in Combustion Processes of Renewable Fuels

The Special Issue of MDPI Processes (Impact Factor 2.753) “Modelling, Simulation and Control in Combustion Processes of Renewable Fuels” invites researchers to make a submission.

Special Issue Information

The modeling and simulation of combustion processes is still a challenging field. In principle, it requires the integration of heat and mass transfer, flow conditions, and reaction chemistry. Available tools for such modeling are very different and are usually problem-specific. One special field of interest is fluidized bed combustion of solid fuels, which additionally encounter the fluidized bed hydrodynamics and particle interactions. Recent trends in the field are focusing on the more detailed description and understanding of the burn-out mechanism of solid fuel particles, which is essential for modeling to have reasonable outputs. From a control point of view, dynamic models of combustion processes are very important, for example, in model-based control algorithms. Due to their complexity, dynamic modeling based on partial differential equations and parameter identification for the corresponding transient models is a topical problem, which can be solved using a comprehensive approach based on experimental data, numerical simulation, regression modeling, and also artificial intelligence methods. One common challenge is a validation of the models in the real process, which requires in-depth and precise measurements that are typically complicated by limited access into the combustion process zone. This information is important also for the control and monitoring of the combustion processes.

This Special Issue on “Modelling, Simulation and Control in Combustion Processes of Renewable Fuels” aims to curate novel advances in the development and application of computational modeling and advanced control to address longstanding challenges in energy efficiency increase and environmental pollution decrease arising also from renewable fuels combustion.

Main Topics:

  • Description of current problems in combustion processes of renewable fuels and possible solutions
  • Up-to-date tools for reaction chemistry modeling and flow simulation during combustion processes
  • Numerical simulation of the transient combustion process
  • Parameter identification for models of combustion processes
  • Advanced control algorithms of combustion processes
  • Sensors for monitoring and control of combustion processes

Guest Editors:

  • Prof. Dr. Ján Piteľ
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jan Hrdlička
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ivan Pavlenko

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