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V. A. Kozechko. Nitriding process intensification steel structures

  • The work is aimed at determining the parameters of the previous shock-wave treatment in order to in-tensify the processes of chemical and thermal processing, establishing mutual relations between the doped layer depth and intensity of the previous shock-wave treatment, and to improve the life of parts made of structural steel. The research resulted in determining of the optimum schemes of shock-wave load and treatment regimes. For the first time, the relations of the saturation zone parameters in the process of chemical and thermal treatment of steel and those characterising the intensity of plastic deformation were established. The experiment helped to define the link between the rate of the explosion impulse and the depth of the alloyed layer. It was proved that applying of the shock-wave treatment as a stimulating factor increased alloyed layer depth during saturation with nitrogen 1.5–2 times and strengthens superficial lay-er (microstrength) 1.4–1.8 times. As a result of studies found that pre-shock-wave loading improves hard-ness, durability and depth of the nitrided layer. Industrial tests nitrided samples showed that pre-shock-wave loading reduces the time nitriding about two times without loss of quality and mechanical properties of the nitrided layer.

  • nitriding, shock-wave treatment, intensification of diffusion processes, process performance thermochemical treatment.
    1. Didyk R. P., Bezrukavaja V. A., Grjaznova L. V., Lisnjak A. G. (2008). Metallofizika i novejshie tehnologii. Vol. 9, P. 1289 – 1295. [in Russian].

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