Volume 3(2), 2016 | Journal of Engineering Sciences

Volume 3(2), 2016


Engineering, Machines and Tools  A
S. V. Sokhan’, N. O. Melnik-Kagliak, V. E. Kireev  
Experimental simulation of diamond grinding
of internal sphere in sapphire
A 1-A 9 
D. Mital, J. Zajac, F. Botko, M. Hatala,
Z. Mitalova, S. Radchenko, V. Ivanov
Measuring of roundness after turning of composite
material with natural fibers
A 10-A 14
M. V. Frolov  
Spline shaft hob cutter accuracy increase by the means of theoretical
profile approximation by the circle involute section
A 15-A 19
A. A. Neshta, D. V. Krivoruchko  
Special aspects of machining of internal threads by measure tool A 20-A 24
Investigation of Work Processes in Machines and Devices B
V. K. Lukashov, S. N. Romanko, S. V. Timofeev  
Mass transfer during sulfuric acid concentration
by evaporation into the air flow
B 1-B 7
A. V. Rusanov, O. N. Khoryev, S. A. Riabova, D. Yu. Kosianov,
P. N. Sukhorebryi, N. M. Kurskaya
Mathematical simulation of fluid flow and analysis of flow
pattern in the flow path of low-head Kaplan turbine
B 8-B 17
N. O. Artyukhova  
Investigation of influence of drying agent movement on the drying
process effectiveness in the gravitational shelf dryer
B 18-B 23
G. V. Kyryk, G. A. Bondarenko, B. A. Blyuss,
V. G. Shevchenko, M. M. Lyakh
Development of compressor equipment for technologies
of hydrocarbons extraction using nitrogen
B 24-B 33
Environmental Engineering G
V. F. Moiseev, E. V. Мanoilo, A. O. Hrubnik  
The decrease in technogenic load on the environment during
the process of absorption of ammonia in soda industry
G 1-G 7
Computer Engineering H
V. M. Dubovoi, I. V. Pylypenko  
Creating a simulation model of software testing using Simulink package H 1-H 6 
N. V. Bilous, O. I. Krasov, V. P. Vlasenko  
Deletion method of image low-frequency components
using fast median filter algorithm
H 7-H 14
V. I. Zymovets, A. S. Chyrva, O. I. Maryshchenko  
Learning control system of lifting machine motors H 15-H 19

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