Volume 8(2), 2021 | Journal of Engineering Sciences

Volume 8(2), 2021


Technical Regulations and Metrological Support
Panchuk V., Onysko O., Kotwica K., Barz C., Borushchak L.
Prediction of the Accuracy of the Tapered Thread ProfileB1-B6
doi: 10.21272/jes.2021.8(2).b1
Materials Science
Kolawole, M. Y., Awoyemi E.A., Abiona, O. M.
Potentials of date-seed/snail shells as a carburizer
for enhanced mechanical properties of mild-steel
doi: 10.21272/jes.2021.8(2).c1
Harikrishna V., Kumar K. V.
Mechanical behaviors of hybrid composites
reinforced with epoxy resin
doi: 10.21272/jes.2021.8(2).c2
Olawore A. S., Oladosu K. O., Sadiq T. O.,
Ahmed M., Adesope W. A.
Effects of cold extrusion on the mechanical
properties of scrapped copper coil
doi: 10.21272/jes.2021.8(2).c3
Dynamics and Strength of Machines
Schürger B., Janigová S.
Dynamic analysis of fixing clamp in railway applicationsD1-D5
doi: 10.21272/jes.2021.8(2).d1
Verbovyi A., Khomenko V., Neamtu C., Pavlenko V.,
Cherednyk M., Vashyst, B., Pavlenko I.
Parameter identification of nonlinear bearing stiffness for
turbopump units of liquid rocket engines considering
initial gaps and axial preloading
doi: 10.21272/jes.2021.8(2).d2
Computational Mechanics
Kanagasabai L.
Real power loss reduction by enhanced RBS algorithmE1-E19
doi: 10.21272/jes.2021.8(2).e1

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