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“Journal of Engineering Sciences” is the Informational Sponsor of International Conference on Design, Simulation, Manufacturing: The Innovation Exchange (DSMIE-2018), which will be held at Sumy State University on June 12-15, 2018, and focuses on a broad range of research challenges in the fields of Manufacturing, Mechanical and Chemical Engineering, addressing current and future trends in design, simulation techniques, models, practices, and software.

Issue 1 (2017)



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We invite you to further cooperation in preparing Volume 4, Issue 1 (2017) of the Journal, which will be released in June 2017.

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Issue 2 (2016)



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We are pleased to inform you about the next print issue of the Journal – Volume 3, Issue 2 (2016), which is also represented on our site.

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Номер 1 (2016)

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ISSN 2414-9381 (Online)

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На данный момент “Журнал инженерных наук” имеет ISSN 2414-9381 (Online), ISSN  2312-2498 (Print).

Номер 2 (2015)

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For authors



Dear authors of our journal!

The editorial board of the “Journal of Engineering Sciences” while choosing articles for publication will pay special attention to their structure (according to the Ruling of the Presidium of Ukrainian State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles about “The Enhancement of requirements to specialized editions registered in the bases of Ukrainian State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles ” of 15.01.2003,№ 7-05/1 ). We accept for publication original articles in electronic form by one or several (up to 5 authors) according to main rubrics of the “Journal of Engineering Sciences” Scientific articles should contain the following elements:

  • general statement of the issue and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks;
  • analysis of the recent investigations and publications which form the base for the decision of the problem and which the author relies on;
  • statement of the constituencies of the general problem which were not solved before and which the article deals with;
  • statement of the purposes of the article (setting of the task);
  • description of the data for study with full justification of scientific results;
  • conclusions concerning the investigation and promises of further development in the chosen direction.

All the articles undergo an independent closed reviewing.

For publication in the scientific journal the authors should sent through the web – service of the
site electronic versions of the following materials:

  • The article (in Russian, Ukrainian or English, 100-200 words).
  • The extended summary in English ( 100-200 words);

ATTENTION! If one of mentioned components is absent, if there are many stylistic, orthographic or grammatical errors, if the article is not formatted according to the requirements, the
materials will not be taken into consideration by the Editorial Board and will not be reviewed Minimum size of the materials:

  • Scientific – theoretical articles (up to 25 000 symbols, about 14 pages) –deal with theoretical search and description of laws concerning phenomena under study. Theoretical articles form a base for any investigation. Quite often theoretical speculations paved the way to fundamental principles, which later were proved by tests and experiments. There are spheres where theoretical methods are the only way to reveal the nature of the object of study.
  • Scientific – practical articles (up to 10 000 symbols, about 6 pages) – deal with scientific experiments and real experience. They include descriptions of methods of experimentation or means of observation and recording of the phenomena under study. An essential part of such articles is the description of results and their explanation acquired in the process of immediate contact with the object of study and influence upon it.
  • Scientific and methodical articles (up to 15 000 symbols, about 8 pages) – deal with the review of processes, methods, instruments allowing to solve scientific and application tasks. Quite often the statement of some new methodology is proceeded by a full – scale scientific work, results of which allow to create a more precise methodology on the basis of newly discovered laws. That is way theses often deal with methodology (mechanism, tool kit, etc.). Articles like that further provide the basis for reference miscellanies.

Engineering Ecology

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