Aims and Scope

The journal is aimed to involve researchers from international institutions to share their most valuable scientific results. It welcomes contributions focused on theoretical analyses, numerical simulation, experimental studies in machines and tools, technical regulations and metrological support, materials science, dynamics and strength of machines, computational mechanics, processes in machines and devices, energy-efficient technologies, and environmental protection. Articles should be written considering state-of-the-art manufacturing, mechanical, and chemical engineering.

The main scope of the journal is to publish original research articles in Manufacturing, Mechanical, and Chemical Engineering within the following areas:

    • A. Machines and Tools
      • Product Design and Advanced Manufacturing Processes
      • Digital Twins, Intelligent Manufacturing Systems, Automation, and Robotics
      • Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 Strategy
    • B. Technical Regulations and Metrological Support
      • Decision-making in Manufacturing Control and Optimization
      • Information Management Systems and Standard-Based Integration
      • Quality, Standardization and Certification
    • C. Materials Science
      • Methods and Technologies for Additive Manufacturing
      • Advanced Materials for Industrial Applications
      • Materials Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization
    • D. Dynamics and Strength of Machines
      • Mechanics of Solids and Structures
      • Dynamics, Acoustics, and Vibrations
      • Strength of Materials and Theory of Elasticity
    • E. Computational Mechanics
      • Numerical Simulations of Coupled Problems
      • Dynamic Systems
      • Control Systems Engineering
    • F. Processes in Machines and Devices
      • Process Technology and Engineering
      • Fluid Mechanics Applications
      • Heat and Mass Transfer
    • G. Energy Efficient Technologies
      • Energy-Efficient Pumping Systems
      • Fuel-Efficient Motors
      • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Systems
    • H. Environmental Protection
      • Environmental Sustainability
      • Pollution Prevention
      • Wastewater Treatment

Abstracting and Indexing

The journal is indexed in Scopus, Web of Science, DOAJ, Crossref, Google Scholar, etc.

According to a decision of the Ministry of Education and Science Attestation Board, the journal was assigned a category “A” of the List of Scientific Professional Editions of Ukraine (Minutes No. 220 of 21.02.2024, Appendix No. 7).


A double-blinded review is implemented. The “StrikePlagiarism” and “Grammarly” are used for plagiarism checking. In ethical issues, the “COPE” guidelines are followed. The peer-reviewing and editing process is relatively short, and the publication may appear on average within 3-4 months in the journal’s “Current Issue” menu after submission of the manuscript.


The journal is published two times per year. The article processing charge (APC) for authors covers the costs of peer review, plagiarism checking, copyediting, typesetting, long-term archiving, and journal management. However, it does not cover the subscription fee. Since the journal is open-access, downloading full articles is free of charge. Users have the right to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full text of these articles.

Announcement and Advertisement
Announcements regarding academic activities such as conferences are published primarily for free. Advertisements can be either published or placed on the pertinent website. For further information, please contact the Editor-in-Chief.