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Only subscription guarantees to receive the hard copy of the Journal of Engineering Sciences. Subscription orders stating the time, along with the subscriber’s name and mailing address should be sent directly to the Editorial Board. Additionally, hard copies of all issues of the journal are available on request.

  • The subscription fee for 1 issue (hard copy) is 50 EUR / 55 USD including shipping costs*;
  • To make a subscription, please contact the Editorial Board via e-mail (, and the managing editor will send you the Agreement and Invoice.

* for authors/institutions from Ukraine:

  • the subscription fee for 1 issue (hard copy) is 300 UAH including shipping costs;
  • to make a subscription, please send the scan copy of the receipt, which was paid using the following banking requisites:
         Сумський державний університет
         КОД ЄДРПОУ 05408289
         МФО 820172
         р/р 31255290205677
          ДКС України
    Призначення платежу: *; 25010200; вид послуги – передплата номеру журналу, том 6, номер 2.
         Вартість: 300 (триста) грн. 00 коп.

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