Investigation of Non-linear Reactions in Rotors’ Bearing Supports of Turbo-pump Units for Liquid Rocket Engines

Author(s): Pavlenko I. V.1*, Simonovskiy V. I.1, Pitel’ J.2, Demianenko M. M.1, Verbovyi A. Ye.1

1 Sumy State University, 2 Rymskogo-Korsakova St., Sumy, 40007, Ukraine
2 Technical University of Košice, 1 Bayerova St., Prešov, 08001, Slovak Republic

*Corresponding Author’s Address: [email protected]

Issue: Volume 5; Issue 1 (2018)

Paper received: December 10, 2017
The final version of the paper received: March 11, 2017
Paper accepted online: March 17, 2018

Pavlenko I., Simonovskiy V., Pitel J., Demianenko M., Verbovyi A. (2018). Investigation of non-linear reactions in rotors’ bearing supports of turbo-pump units for liquid rocket engines. Journal of Engineering Sciences, Vol. 5(1), pp. D6–D14.

DOI: 10.21272/jes.2018.5(1).d2

Research Area: MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: Dynamics and Strength of Machines

Abstract. This paper is aimed at refinement of the computational model of the turbopump rotor systems associated taking into consideration the effect of rotation of moving parts and compliance of bearing supports elements. The up-to-date approach for investigation of non-linear reactions in rotor’s bearing supports is proposed for turbo-pump units for liquid rocket engines. Five models for modelling contact interaction are investigated, and comparative bearing stiffness characteristics are given. The geometry of the housing and corresponding design scheme are set for each support due to the assembly drawing of the turbopump unit. Rotation of the shaft is taking into account by applying corresponding inertial forces to the inner cage of the bearing. Experimental points of the dependence “load – displacement” as the diagram “Fv” are built by the calculated points as an array of numerical simulation data, obtained by the ANSYS software. As a result of numerical simulation, including loading of the bearing support on the scheme “remote force” in a wide range of rotor speeds, the corresponding displacements are determined. The brand-new approach for evaluation of bearing stiffness coefficients is proposed based on the linear regression procedure. As a result, the obtained values of coefficients are summarized and approximated by the quadratic polynomials.

Keywords: Ansys Workbench, axial preloading, centrifugal force, contact interaction, finite element analysis, numerical simulation, remote force, stiffness characteristic.


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