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“Journal of Engineering Sciences” is published by Sumy State University of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The journal belongs to the country’s oldest scientific periodicals published by a technical higher education establishment. Its first edition dates back to 1994. The journal used to be titled as “Bulletin of Sumy State University. Series Technical Sciences” for many years. Since 2014 the journal was reregistrated, renamed and gained the right for editing an electronic supplement to the journal for young scientists “Journal of Engineering Sciences. Young Scientist’s Notes” and enlarged its thematic structure:

  1. Engineering, machines and tools.
  2. Investigation of work processes in machines and devices.
  3. Dynamics and strength. Sealing mechanics.
  4. Technical regulation and metrological support.
  5. Modern energy – efficient technologies.
  6. Issues of material science.
  7. Environmental Engineering.

The main motto of the journal can be expressed by the words of Norbert Wiener, an American scientist, prominent mathematician and philosopher :

«…I understood that science is a calling and service, but not an employment. I learned to hate any deception and intellectual pretense fiercely and to be proud of being fearless in the face of any task I might solve.  All this is worth the suffering one has to pay with…»

One should also pay special attention to the digital application to the journal – “Journal of Engineering Sciences. Young Scientist’s Notes”. The main purpose of this digital application is truly conveyed by the words of Mihail Lavrentyev, Soviet mathematician, mechanic, academician, Vice – President of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1957 – 1976) :

“There’s a need for a reliable system which would give no opportunity to overlook a single gifted person…”

I honestly hope that the renewed journal of engineering sciences will become a popular platform for scientists from different countries to exchange scientific data and a base to discuss scientific ideas, hypotheses and discoveries. The editorial board gladly invites scientists involved in machine building to take an active part in editing the journal as authors, reviewers and readers.

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